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Britt Swett, Founder


Hi all, I'm Britt! I created Birch & Grey Co. when I was looking for an all-natural and simple way to de-stress after the work day. As someone who is always looking for healthy products for my home, I found that my options were limited. Out of this Birch & Grey Co. was born.


I'm passionate about the handcrafted products I make and sharing them with you. I love all things small business and am constantly learning about everything that goes into running one. I'm so excited to grow the company and  can't wait to chat with you about Birch & Grey Co. here and at in-person events!


Wednesday, Senior VP of Snoozes

Wednesday, aka: Wenny is the great mind behind Birch & Grey Co. Her primary job responsibilities include: napping, looking cute in pictures, and handling business finances (I kid). Make sure to come say "hi" to her at an in-person event. 

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